New Web Platform THE CORE Debuts to "Strengthen American Values" During Critical Juncture in Our Nation's Democracy

October 30, 2018

Gun Violence Music Video "Enough Is Enough" Tackles Initial "Hot-Button" Issue in Building #WeAreTheCore Community

PHILADELPHIA (Oct. 30, 2018) - With Americans heading to the polls shortly to vote in one of the most important mid-term elections in recent history, THE CORE ( has arrived as a stimulus for "Strengthening American Values" against the divisive pull toward the fringes which increasingly threaten our democracy.

Provocative new music and video content is at the core of this exciting new web platform, designed primarily to motivate self-awareness, thought, honest conversation, and ultimately, action, through the strength of its community, regardless of political affiliation.

THE CORE was conceived by Joe Zahm, a husband, father of three, businessman, and songwriter-producer from Philadelphia, through his concern as an American citizen that the core values upon which America was built are in danger of burial beneath the scorched earth, political polarization surging through our communities.

The time is now, he believes, for music to rekindle and perpetuate those values with the transcendent power it established as a great unifier in the 1960s and '70s. Zahm has long been producing inspiring music videos to promote charities which empower local communities to make a difference, most recently for Coaches vs. Cancer through his "What U Do" campaign. For THE CORE, Zahm is leading a collective of acclaimed Philadelphia musicians and other artists from the City of Brotherly Love in generating music and video content together.

From immigration to assault weapon safety in schools to Russian cyber-attacks, THE CORE will be releasing topical and inspiring music videos and related content, targeted at filtering out the excessive noise to help tap into the inherent humanitarian core values which connect and unite us all.

THE CORE's initial music video, "Enough is Enough (Never Again)," takes aim at gun violence with propulsive urgency, mixing reel-life news footage to a driving beat with music and lyrics by Zahm, with an assist from Philly stalwart musician Ben Arnold. "Enough is Enough" is their response to the litany of school and mass shootings in the USA involving assault weapons, from Newtown to Parkland - and now Pittsburgh - with the building frustration and anger of too many Americans summed up in the last verse: Now there ain't no place and there ain't no need / for weapons of war out on the street. Indeed!

THE CORE will be building community through supporting content such as essays, photos, and guest blogs for all issues the site tackles. THE CORE is encouraging involvement from its online community, and is urging those interested to follow through as well as its social media destinations, and, using the hashtag #WeAreTheCore, share with friends, associates, organizations - anyone who needs to know about this, who needs to see it, who one feels THE CORE may impact.

Those who believe they have relevant and valuable content to further strengthen THE CORE are urged to write to [email protected] so it can be considered for posting and sharing.

"We've allowed hardliners, extremists and the fringes to have way too much influence in an otherwise moderate and civil society," says Zahm. "Recent times dictate that we develop a strong and supple core and put to work our core values and strengths to push back and regain control of a more loving, caring and empathetic America. THE CORE empowers me to be more and do more. I hope it does the same for you."

Joe Zahm is available for interviews.